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UN resolution rejects Trump's recognition — Jerusalem

UN resolution rejects Trump's recognition — Jerusalem

UN member-states were poised Thursday to vote on a motion rejecting US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, after President Donald Trump threatened to cut funding to countries that back the measure. It was sponsored by Turkey and Yemen and comes after the U.S. vetoed a similar resolution at the Security Council. And I know that this blend, this mixture, is extraordinarily fragile, as extraordinarily fragile-and strong, in its historical paradox, in its ambition to shelter a people within a double wall of stone and words-as the little state of Israel. The U.S. does not hold veto power at the General Assembly.

Following the vote, Netanyahu posted a statement on social media decrying the resolution.

Israel also conducted a global lobbying campaign against the resolution, government officials said Wednesday. Jerusalem is out capital.

He adds: "I call on the whole world: Don't you dare sell your democratic struggle and your will for petty dollars".

"The decision does nothing to harm peace efforts".

Trump's threat had raised the stakes at Thursday's emergency meeting and triggered accusations from Muslims of U.S. bullying, blackmail and intimidation.

"America will put our embassy in Jerusalem..."

She also penned a letter to most of the 193 U.N. member states, in which she warned the U.S. would retaliate against countries that vote in favor of the resolutions.

Haley said the vote will make no difference on U.S. plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem, but it "will make a difference on how Americans look at the U.N., and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the U.N".

"We will not be intimidated".

Australian UN Ambassador Gillian Bird said Australia wanted to see the US continue to play a leadership role in brokering peace and abstained from the vote. "What's more, we are being asked to pay for the dubious privileges of being disrespected", Haley said. "We will use UN votes as one factor in our foreign relations".

Haley questioned why Israel remains in the United Nations.

In a tweet, Ireland's Mission to the UN says it is a "full house" in the assembly.

Israel's ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, called the fact that the meeting was taking place "shameful".

"This organization is now undergoing an unprecedented test", al-Malki said. Elliott Abrams, who held multiple high-level positions in the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations said it was "inconceivable", as aid to those countries serve a vital US national security interest in the region. The State of Israel rejects this vote out of hand even before it was accepted.

Ambassador Rhonda King of the tiny Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines sent Haley a letter saying that her country treasures the United States "as an enduring ally" but will vote against Trump's action.

Among those that voted in favour are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Greece and Brazil.

"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us".

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