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Montana crews to help with California wildfires

Montana crews to help with California wildfires

One of the region's major freeways, the 405, has faced closures due to the wildfires. Three firefighters were injured and hospitalized in stable condition, the Los Angeles Fire Department said. So there's a sense that everyone really needs to stay alert and pay attention because we've had a lot going on the last couple days.

For Romer-Sim and her family the loss was particularly devastating. So far, the fires have claimed more than 83,000 acres of land, leading to the evacuation of thousands of people and the temporary closure of I-405, which runs right alongside the Getty near Los Angeles's Bel-Air neighborhood. It is one of two fires in Los Angeles that's destroying homes and forcing residents to find safety.

According to Hartwig, the Getty campus's many buildings and the priceless artworks they hold are not at risk from the fire. Residents in Sullivan Canyon and Mandeville Canyon were told to be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice. We may find our footing by finally embracing the fact that we can't always be in charge. "All our family heirlooms - it's not sort of gone, it's completely gone". The man quickly knelt down, stopped the rabbit in its tracks, gently picked it up and held it in his arms in an effort to calm it down.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said it had released funds for relief services. "We loved this place".

"Sometimes they're able to feed livestock or try and call in to get them evacuated if they can do so without having to suspend their firefighting operations", he said. Some 12,000 structures are considered in danger.

A spokesman for the American Red Cross says they expect a shelter in Ventura County to be at capacity Tuesday night.

Late Wednesday, fire officials ordered new evacuations affecting several thousand people as the massive Thomas fire encroached upon the the town of Ojai, an arts community with an upscale, rustic charm northwest of Los Angeles. And by midmorning Wednesday, the Skirball fire had already consumed a half-dozen mansions and 150 acres of some of L.A.'s most expensive and desirable properties, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Nearly 30 horses didn't make it out of a ranch in Los Angeles' semi-rural Sunland-Tujunga area and died there. You see those familiar green-and-white highway signs in the headlights, and beyond them, you see enormous California hillsides from top to bottom on fire. Hardly any measurable rain has fallen in the region over the past six months. Both are in Ventura County.

Weather officials expect winds to pick up Wednesday night through Thursday, bringing "damaging" gusts of 50 to 70 mph that could knock down trees and power lines, and cause fire to spread rapidly.

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