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IPhone X isn't nearly as good as Samsung's new phones - here's why

IPhone X isn't nearly as good as Samsung's new phones - here's why

While Amazon's deals have expired, if you're a T-Mobile customer (or plan on switching), the Magenta network is currently offering a buy one, get one free discount on all of Samsung's current Galaxy flagships, from the S8 to the Note 8.

When subjected to shock 50 times, the display of two out of three iPhone Xs no longer worked properly, and the back of the phone broke when it was dropped 100 times.

A couple of weeks back there was a rumor going around that Samsung will showcase the S9 and S9+ to a select partners at CES 2018. It would be powered by a Samsung Exynos 7785 chipset instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon. But sadly, we have already received the first bit of bad news. The payment for the smartphone has to be done from your Paytm digital wallet by scanning a QR code. The technology is not yet ready for mass production so it probably won't be ready in time for the S9 launch. The multi-core score of the iPhone X reached 10,413 while the Galaxy Note 8 could not even crack 7,000 (6,744). Is it a standalone device or an expensive accessory? The cashback offer is available on the smartphone purchases made via Samsung's offline stores across the country. "The Chrome browser will continue..." Now, however, we believe that the devices will have a delayed launch.

The handset performed well during drop tests designed to replicate everyday life - although struggled with a 'tumble test' that saw it put in a rotating metal chamber. Apple grew in Q3, but it was these older, cheaper models that propped up total iPhone shipments. It is speculated that Samsung wants to make the 2018 versions of Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ as toned down versions of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Besides, customers are also offered assured repair at Samsung Authorized Service Centres by Cashify, and, they are also offered home delivery and pickup of their smartphone with cashless transaction.

Even though we're mired in the battle between wired and wireless audio, there's still one phone that makes music sound better than anything else out there: the LG V30. Mass production is expected to start in January. This offer gives us an opportunity to give more value to our customers.

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