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Patton Oswalt Impersonates Roy Moore, Unveils More Fitting Campaign Slogans

Patton Oswalt Impersonates Roy Moore, Unveils More Fitting Campaign Slogans

The Republican establishment in D.C. does not know how to win anything. They quoted a source who said "that was always the assumption" about the Moore courtship.

The former Massachusetts governor, who lost to former President Barack Obama in 2012, had written: "Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation".

This is now the GOP's brand.

According to public divorce records, Kayla Moore and her first husband, John Charles Heald, separated on Dec. 1, 1984; filed for divorce on Dec. 28, 1984; and finalized the split on April 19, 1985, the Examiner reports. While some have softened their rhetoric recently, others have said they still will try to expel him if he is elected.

"There should be due process and an Ethics Committee investigation, and that would be a bipartisan step and then the appropriate remedies", Blumenthal told CNN. But having Moore on your resume would be more of a blight than a useful credential. Supporters of the judge - who has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with several underage girls - have also used the debate to frame Moore as a champion of protecting children.

There was a point, after the initial sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore roiled the Alabama Senate race, when it looked like Steve Bannon had made a terrible mistake. Trump himself agreed to campaign later in the week in nearby Florida, but many national GOP leaders say the allegations against Moore are credible and he shouldn't serve in the Senate. When the story is viewed full-sized, it has the awkward, redundant headline, "Trump Officially Endorses Roy Moore, Despite Sexual Allegations Claims, With 'Go Get 'Em, Roy' Message".

Moore's campaign disputes this. One was a child of 14. They can also host forums that include all candidates running for the particular position or host voter education events. He tweeted a picture of the check and the words, "Country over party".

On Monday, President Donald Trump strongly endorsed Moore. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more.

In that same vein, longtime Alabama Senator Richard Shelby said Trump's endorsement didn't surprise him.

Mr Bannon responded on stage: "You ran for commander in chief and had five sons - not one day of service in Afghanistan or Iraq". Having worked for Moore will be something you will always have to overcome. "It's not the president, it's not Mitch McConnell", Jones told reporters outside a steel mill in suburban Birmingham.

Expelling a senator is no easy task. They only care about funneling America's middle and poor classes into a wood chipper that spits them out on to a bed of caviar in the Goldman Sachs executive boardroom, and they have created a culture where their voters only care about "trolling the libs".

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