Publicado: Sáb, Noviembre 25, 2017
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Rod Smith ends Cowboys streak of 10 quarters without TD

Rod Smith ends Cowboys streak of 10 quarters without TD

Allen, who had 12 receptions last Sunday in a romp over Buffalo, caught 11 balls for 172 yards and one score in the win over Dallas.

For what it's worth, Prescott told the media earlier this week that the Chargers defense was "not the most talented", per Jack Wang of the LA Daily News.

The first half was filled with penalties from both the Cowboys and Chargers and a highly contested defensive battle between both teams.

On the ground, running back Melvin Gordon kept the Cowboys' defense honest, rushing for 65 yards on 21 carries.

It didn't take long for Cowboys fans to start doubting their so-called quarterback prodigy and clamoring for the one they pushed away.

However, they failed to score on the two-point conversion where Dallas still trailed 16-6 early in the final quarter. Well, the odds of that happening are beyond slim. One of the reasons for Prescott's poor performance was of course the San Diego pass rush. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has completed 9-10 passes, but only has 46 yards in the air on the day.

But even when Prescott hit Bryant in the hands with a back shoulder pass for an apparent touchdown, Bryant dropped it.

First-year head coach Anthony Lynn continues to push the right buttons the last two games. Clearly his presence will be missed against the Chargers, and if can't return to the field in the immediate future. Garrett's biggest task is to stop the free fall we're witnessing. After a big win over Dallas on the road, can Lynn get his team up for a game against the Browns?

Then Bryant dropped the pass in the end zone.

Outstanding defense by the Bolts allowed the offense to have one more chance before halftime to put points on the board. Cleveland, which visits in-state rival Cincinnati this weekend, has nothing to lose at this point in the season.

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