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Pope Francis bans cigarette sales inside Vatican City

Pope Francis bans cigarette sales inside Vatican City

In an official statement Thursday, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said: "The Holy Father has decided that the Vatican will cease to cell cigarettes to employees as of 2018".

Inside the Vatican, a packet of cigarettes would cost €3.80 (£3.37), but in the rest of Italy, they cost €4.30 (£3.82).

Known as the "smiling Pope" because of his good nature, Albino Luciani's reign as head of the Catholic Church was the shortest in modern times and his shock demise fuelled press speculation that he might have been murdered. He had a lung removed as a teenager, according to the BBC. The pontiff offered a variety of possible solutions to the priest shortage, but did not mention the married priesthood until he was asked about it specifically.

Many popes made it to sainthood, most recently John Paul II and John XXIII in 2014.

His chiding wasn't just for the laity.

Francis also hit humanity's addiction to all things digital in the summer of 2015 in an encyclical (a letter traditionally addressed from St. Peter's Square to the more than 1 billion Catholics across the globe). While the agreement is the first to explicitly ban 'the bomb', it passed without endorsement from the nine nuclear states or NATO allies. "According to the World Health Organization, every year smoking is the cause of more than seven million deaths throughout the world", the statement reads.

"Jesus Christ himself never married, and there's something about imitating the life our Lord in full that is very attractive", Fr. Selin told CNA at the time. "It is true that for the agnostic world, the world in which God does not enter, celibacy is a great scandal, because it shows exactly that God is considered and experienced as reality". Even Jesus was among the recipients of his letters.

The Vatican has always denied the rumours, saying he died of a heart attack.

In addition to calling out cellphone usage during Wednesday's Mass, the pope voiced his displeasure at other lax behaviors of some Catholics in the pews.

The heroic virtues of Jesuit Father Tommaso Morales Pérez from Venezuela, founder of the Secular Institutes Cruzados and Cruzadas de Santa Maria.

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