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Kyrie Irving: Boston Celtics star embarrasses Los Angeles Lakers with handles

Kyrie Irving: Boston Celtics star embarrasses Los Angeles Lakers with handles

Putting him in new, innovative ways to score and create for others is exciting to see so early in the season. As the Lakers travel to face Boston at the TD Garden on Wednesday, let's take a look at Kobe's five greatest games against the C's. This is classing NBA fandom.

Ultimately, this is something that Lonzo has become used to at this point given that his father has always behaved in this manner but is now catching the attention of the media. With that in mind, Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving touched upon the topic of LaVar following Wednesday's win over the Lakers. He does a great job of running that team. The young Minnesota Timberwolves team continues to stay hot as it aims to defeat the Golden State Warriors and expand its winning streak to six games. The shocked Celts lost the game and their home opener two nights later. No one could reel the loose ball in, and Smart and LA's Brandon Ingram wound up tumbling to the floor. Donovan said after the game that he thought the play should have been reviewed before Anthony was tossed.

Additionally, the two teams hold the NBA's record for most finals appearances - the Lakers with 31 and the Celtics with 21 - in addition to the most championships - 16 for the Lakers and 17 for the Celtics. "I'm glad he's trying to put pressure on the rim". That may not be the case for Morris, but he just got back and can actually make this an even better front court.

While the situation hasn't seemed to affect Ball yet, Lakers coach Luke Walton plans to monitor his rookie point guard and speak with him about it Wednesday.

The Rockets are in first in the Western Conference with an 8-3 record. While he continued to struggle with his shot and missed 11-of-15 from the field but finished with nine points, six assists, five rebounds and even chased down Irving the length of the court to swat a shot from behind.

Irving is opening the game up tremendously for Horford as well. As a result, Brown is shooting 42.9% from downtown (on 3.8 attempts). Pierce's jersey will be retired this season. He's averaging a stout 23.1 points per game and is helping relieve some of the pressure from James Harden.

With the ability to create devastating crossovers and surprising scoring opportunities, Irving has been renowned for his ball handling for years.

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