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Virginia elections results shouldn't be read as rejection of Trump — Corey Stewart

Virginia elections results shouldn't be read as rejection of Trump — Corey Stewart

"The most significant thing about the Democrats winning power is that they'll have the opportunity to set the agenda of what's voted on", says Rich Stolz, executive director of OneAmerica, a group that advocates for immigrants and refugees in Washington state.

The disapproval rate of President Trump in Virginia was so high that it didn't matter who the Democratic candidate was, Schneider said.

"Best-case scenario", Justin Wilson said, grabbing a friend's hand. "We talked throughout the campaign about how Gillespie was sort of straddling; one foot he had in the Trump camp and he was using a similar approach in his advertising, but at the same time, he was also using some of his more traditional messaging to try turn out Republicans".

Last year lingers as a painful memory.

"Normally, in a gubernatorial election, you see a decline in the percentage of the population that is younger and that is African-American participating ... compared to the presidential election a year earlier", Farnsworth said. "I've lost elections myself". Three weeks after declaring her candidacy in January, she found out she was pregnant with twins.

"The issues that Democrats were most concerned about going into this election was the idea that the 2017 electorate wouldn't look a lot like 2016 electorate", he said. It's time for fearless opposition to the NRA's extremism.

This election season, with all 100 seats up for grabs, saw Democrats make their most energetic push in years to gain ground against Republicans.

A loss in New Jersey would be particularly devastating, as the party has nearly 900,000 more registered voters than the GOP and Christie is historically unpopular.

The landscape may not be as promising for Democrats in every state. Republicans still hold majorities in the legislature. Instead, it triggered a general suburban revulsion, and a Democratic wave.

One tipping point was immigration.

A Guadagno loss in New Jersey means the GOP will drop from controlling 34 to 33 governorships.

"President Trump wisely chose to stay thousands of miles away", Tim Kaine, the Virginia senator and 2016 Democratic vice presidential nominee, told Northam supporters at George Mason University.

A wealthy, big-city Republican once again cast himself as a conservative culture-warrior.

Losses Tuesday would likely demoralize the party and lead to greater friction.

Democrat Hillary Clinton carried Virginia by 5 points last year. But the election results, once the votes were in, were bigger than any one candidate, even the one at the top of the ticket. Morale wasn't helped by a new book that reawakened bitter memories from Wikileaks: the party's ex-chair wrote that Sen.

Even some local Republicans expressed regret that the GOP state message was so focused on such a hard-edged message.

The president was suddenly blaming the Virginia candidate - for not embracing him enough. He once broke a tie in the state Senate to block a ban on sanctuary cities in the commonwealth, but days before the election announced he'd ban sanctuary cities in the state. Seattle will get its first openly lesbian mayor and its first female mayor since the 1920s. That he's not some cult-of-personality. The former Republican National Committee and Washington lobbyist has been criticized by Democrats and some conservatives as running a race-baiting campaign. "Trumpism without Trump can show the way forward", Steve Bannon, Trump's former adviser, insisted this weekend.

Exit polls "revealed an unmistakable anti-Trump backlash Tuesday, as Democrats won resounding victories in governors races in Virginia and New Jersey", Politico reports. Northam is the state's current lieutenant governor, but did not seek re-election in order to campaign for governor.

Mid-cycle races matter for other reasons. "Our city council is made up entirely of older, white council members", she said.

The poll questioned 591 voters and had a margin of error of 4 percent.

That kind of surge, if sustained, could flip control of the U.S. House of Representatives next year.

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