Publicado: Mar, Noviembre 07, 2017
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Samsung thinks iPhone users should grow up

Samsung thinks iPhone users should grow up

Like clockwork, Apple's rival Samsung took shots at them and their customers in their latest Samsung Galaxy ad and it's pretty hilarious. Samsung's rumored to launch it with virtual fingerprint recognition, skipping the feature on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. This year, Samsung really brought along a big change in design, so it's hard to imagine that next year the company will totally change it again.

While people in the U.S. don't pay as much as we have to pay for the same iPhone X, the phone's demand is overwhelming.

That includes the Stylus, being the first to waterproof their phones, improved battery and docking to stream on laptops and TVs. Check it out for yourself below. The lead character then waits in line in the rain, presumably outside of an Apple store, before Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone 6's lack of water resistance. Apple has yet to implement Apple Pencil support for iPhones, though that is probably a longer shot than any other rumored feature. They do have a particular interest in grabbing as much of the iPhone crowd as possible, that's evident. For a limited time, EE is offering these free with a huge 50GB per month for just £30.50 per month, on an 18-month Max Plan - 50% off the usual price. If your still down with team iPhone head over to Apple and try your luck. Finally, the man staches his iPhone in a drawer and buys himself a Galaxy Note 8.

SAMSUNG IS REPORTEDLY gearing up to start a pilot production run of the Galaxy Note 9 in the first quarter of 2018. Initial response to the product has been very encouraging.

Samsung may be referring to the Galaxy Note 9 internally by the codename "Crown", according to a recent report by Korean publication, The Bell.

The two handsets have different specifications, the Note 8 comes with 6GB of RAM and an 8 core processor and the iPhone X comes with 3GB of RAM and a six core processor.

As such, the Samsung Note 8 ad is shown depicting men standing in a queue for the iPhone X sporting a unique top-notch haircut.

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