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Two things to ask yourself before buying the Xbox One X — Review

Two things to ask yourself before buying the Xbox One X — Review

The only challenge is moving games from your older Xbox to the X. It really is something that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate. Ars Technica took the new console for a spin and were quite impressed, in theory. On the other hand, it also has a hint of the X range which is said to be the most powerful of the lot.

The redesigned cooling makes use of fancy manufacturing techniques and technologies such as vapour chamber heat pipes and matching the heatsink to the chipset to ensure the best possible fit. The first thing we do notice is the speed, not of the cars but of the console! While you will get some graphical enhancements with the X, you don't really get your money's worth if you don't have a 4K HDR TV. In this case, I'd only recommend getting the X if you have the disposable cash to spare for the increased visual fidelity and performance benefits. To do this you need to go to Settings, then System, and choose Backup and transfer. If you are deciding which console to pick up this holiday, or wondering what to pick up for a loved one, you really just need to answer these two questions: What exclusives do you want to play more, and where are most of your friends playing? The same one that still contains a tiny reflective spec representing the Xbox 360.

With all power to visuals and on a 4K TV, Gears of War 4 is almost startlingly clear, and reminded me of those first eye-opening times I saw 4K (and before that, HD) in action. Actually, it's probably both.

In reality, though, using the Xbox One X is unidentifably different from using a standard Xbox One. After 4K, the1080p resplution of performance mode looks muddy in contrast.

The PS4 Pro is £100 cheaper and, right now, is enjoying comparable performance.

Under the bonnet is a six teraflop graphics processor running at 1172 Mhz, 12GB of GDDR5 memory and a 2.3 Ghz custom central processing unit. And having seen a few sneak peeks at pre-release events, I can tell you it looks jaw-droppingly incredible.

It's also as remarkably quiet as the One S, even when it's working hard, and never got warm enough that overheating in a confined space would be a concern. The good news is it's not just all about fidelity, either. Once that hard drive is connected to the Xbox One X, you can import them. While the start of new campaigns take a little while to load, the wait is not unbearable given what is delivered.

But if you're expecting to be blown away, think again. So far, various 4K patches are pushing titles over the 100GB mark.

Xbox One X games: What can you play? It's definitely an Xbox One, it makes enhanced games look lovely, and waiting for Xbox One X enhancement updates sucks.

It seems like retailers face a difficult decision if they want to delay the rate of digital adoption. In fact, there's a certain PlayStation 2-like quality, with the main body of the console overhanging the base in a way that helps disguise the console's size even further.

So if you're an Xbox purist this new console focuses on you more than luring in new Xbox owners.

If you needed one, here's your first global, measured improvement. It may very well be! Some offer 4K, some offer HDR, others are mysteriously labelled as 'Xbox One X Enhanced', which could mean any number of things, and some are a mix of those three categories. But the Xbox One X has enough going for it that, at least in my head, it's going to be a very close vote.

Albert Penello, Xbox senior director of console marketing at Microsoft, made the revelation on Twitter this week.

The difference with the Xbox One X is there is no "upscaling" - essentially stretching an image to a higher resolution. Pre-bookings for the same have already begun on its official website.

"Thanks to supersampling technology, the system will scale down the resolution while still delivering sharper images and faster frame rates". (Microsoft claims it's 40% more powerful). Yes, it will be slightly more complicated.

Planet Earth 2 looks sensational on a QLED Samsung TV played via the Xbox One X. The PC has a better games library than any console. I've only had the One X cranking on HD screens so far. 4K monitors come much cheaper than 4K TVs. Make sure to have both your current console and new console connected to your home network.

The Xbox One X is, unsurprisingly, the best Xbox out there. It's an excellent game - the best racing game available on any console, one could say.

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