Publicado: Lun, Octubre 30, 2017
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Verstappen apologizes for Austin outburst — Motor racing

Verstappen apologizes for Austin outburst — Motor racing

Red Bull's Max Verstappen has apologised for his post-race outburst at the United States Grand Prix, where he referred Federation Internationale de l'Automobile steward Garry Connelly as an 'idiot' and 'mongol' for penalising him in the race.

Though Verstappen later said his remarks at Austin were not aimed at anyone in particular, the context of the interview indicated that Connelly was the official he was upset with.

Whiting was himself the target of disparaging comments from a different Formula 1 driver last year as he was told to "f*** off" by Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel in a radio message during the Mexican Grand Prix.

"Further to what I said in the FIA Press Conference, I would once again like to apologise for the language that I used following the US Grand Prix".

"I was angry, but the words were not correct".

"I think the fans were loving it. It was a great move and then they tell you that you're gaining an advantage while overtaking someone".

The Red Bull driver criticised the stewards for awarding him a five-second penalty for cutting Turn 17, due to a vast array of drivers having gone off track all weekend and gone unpunished but Whiting says the stewards only get involved in situations where it is absolutely necessary.

"They decided in the way they had viewed things, they do their work the best they can".

"I think more people want that".

Whiting believes Verstappen's penalty was justified as it was proven quickly that the Dutchman had cut the corner, effectively shortening the track, and gained a lasting advantage in the move on Raikkonen. It is just coincidence that Garry happened to be there. However, it has since been revealed that fellow steward, Mike Salo, has received death threats from 'fans' angry at the decision. "Any sort of idea that he may have it in for a driver is wholly unfounded". "I haven't heard any such apology just yet from Max but it would be nice if he did". "So, yeah, first was to try to avoid an accident and then to try and overtake him".

Asked to respond to allegations that Connelly was biased against the Dutch racer, Whiting said: "I think the statistics I have seen, I've seen them and they don't paint the correct picture".

Verstappen reiterated his insistence that his punishment was unjust, stressing that drivers had breached the Austin track limits throughout the weekend without penalty.

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