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Local group struggles to ship bundles of goods to Puerto Rico

Local group struggles to ship bundles of goods to Puerto Rico

We started with a status update.

Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosselló earlier this month set a series of bold electricity targets: restoring 30% of the island's power by the end of October, 50% by November 15, and 95% by December 15. That is, the sun doesn't shine at night or very much on cloudy days, and wind doesn't blow all the time. Rep. Darren Soto of Florida challenges Trump. Did you bring any linemen or working crews from Flathead Valley in Montana? The banks should be letting people roll rooftop panels into their mortgages, but there aren't many financial instruments for homeowners in this regard. The issue should be, why aren't others here? "When you're talking about the people of Puerto Rico you're talking about Americans", Cuomo said. This is a four-month, $200 million contract with a subsidiary of Mammoth Energy, called Cobra Energy. It's not slow because of what we're doing, it's slow because other people aren't here.

"We have been practically hand-to-mouth, counting by the drop how much we have in-house", Villain said.

Primarily, her trip this week is to bury her grandmother who recently died, Miranda said. Distinguishing the islanders is crystal clear. We've been posting updates every day via social media. We have nothing to hide and we haven't been hiding it.

The Interior Department denied Zinke, a former Montana congressman, played any role in the contract award, Kallanish Energy understands.

Electric car wunderkind Tesla is enduring a run of bad news lately, whiffing badly on production targets, delaying the reveal of its battery-powered semi truck and currently facing a class-action lawsuit over charging customers for autonomous driving features that don't yet exist.

"Deferred and inadequate investment in infrastructure, a loss of key staff, and a myopic management focus on large risky bets have left PREPA with generation and transmission infrastructure literally falling apart, unnecessarily high costs, a utility operating out of compliance with commonwealth and federal law, and alternative options rapidly disappearing", said the Nov. 23, 2016, report by Synapse authors Jeremy Fisher and Ariel Horowitz (Energywire, Sept. 29).

The stories coming out of the U.S. territory are harrowing: Children returning to schools without electricity and doctors performing surgery under the light of cellphones.

An Oklahoma-based fracking company announced last week it had also signed a contract with PREPA.

Questions have been raised about how the company from Interior Sec. "It was just too uncertain". The proposal to build the transformer factory hasn't moved forward. "We wouldn't have entered this contract if we didn't think we would get paid". Right now, Puerto Rico can only get FEMA money for emergency services. The utility referred me to the Puerto Rican Comptroller's Office.

Too little, too late. Texas-based residential solar installer Sunnova, whose own hometown of Houston was itself devastated by Hurricane Harvey in August - is also in discussions with Governor Rossello to offer its efforts to rebuilding the grid.

It was initially clipped by Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane whose eye passed just north of the island.

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