Publicado: Vie, Octubre 27, 2017
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N. Korea voices hope of boosting ties in message to China's Xi

N. Korea voices hope of boosting ties in message to China's Xi

"Further, the military operates outside of North Korea to hunt down asylum seekers, and brutally detains and forcibly returns North Korean citizens".

It deserves to exist as a sovereign state, with nuclear weapons as a deterrent against aggression, just like other nuclear countries.

In 2013, North Korea also cut the hotline that is used as a mean of the communication between North Korea and South Korea. "We are especially concerned with the North Korean military, which operates as secret police, punishing all forms of dissent".

Among the seven officials and three entities put on the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control blacklist Thursday were the commander of the Military Security Command, Jo Kyong-Chol; minister of labor, Jong Yong Su; and director of the external construction bureau, Kim Kang Jin.

In this context, the US objective of a denuclearized North Korea disarmed of ICBMs is unachievable by diplomatic means.

In the July-September period, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) increased 1.4 percent from the previous quarter, faster than the preceding 0.6 percent on-quarter gain, according to preliminary data by the Bank of Korea (BOK). That question looms large in many conversations these days.

Some 220 civic organizations, including the Korea Alliance for Progressive Movements, took part in the proclamation.

The United States also sanctioned North Korea's consul general in Shenyang, China, and a diplomat at North Korea's embassy in Vietnam. They first had one-on-one talks at the Pentagon in late August.

"Speaking with the U.S. and South Korean counterparts at a meeting of Asian defense chiefs in the Philippines, Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said "(The) threat posed by North Korea has grown to the unprecedented, critical and imminent level", according to a Reuters report. That program was abandoned when South Korea signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1975, but restarting it has become a subject of debate in Seoul. To avoid such mistakes choreographed saber rattling and certain other rules are applied if the planes would not be invisible.

North Korea has not officially commented on its participation yet, its International Olympic Committee member Chang Ung earlier hinted the issue could be reviewed once North Korean athletes are qualified.

Kim's note extended "sincere congratulations" to the Chinese president, who was formally given a second term as the head of the ruling party, state-run KCNA said today.

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