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Google's new wireless earphones help you 'speak' different languages in real

Google's new wireless earphones help you 'speak' different languages in real

Perhaps the largest and most exciting announcement of the day for viewers was the announcement of their 2 new smartphones, the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL.

Aside from having music controls, the Pixel Buds can interact with the Google Assistant in a number of ways.

Google is introduced the wireless headphones as its new line of Pixel smartphones joins the shift away from a headphone jack. A cable connects the two Pixel Buds so they can be draped around your neck while not in use. You can adjust the size of this loop to what best suits your ear size, allowing for it to sit cleanly and securely in your ear. The method to trigger Google Assistant is the same touch and hold on the right earbud trick.

Following in the footsteps of Apple after taking a dig at it a year ago for ditching the headphone jack, the search giant introduced its first pair of wireless headphones featuring real time language translation from Google Translate during an event on Wednesday morning in California.

A year ago when Google launched the Pixel telephones, it reported that Pixel clients will get unlimited Google Photos storage for full resolution photographs and up to 4K recordings. But if you're constantly losing stuff, the Pixel Buds might help you keep it together.

Pixel Buds come with a fabric loop that keeps both of the headphones attached to each other.

The new speaker, which responds to voice commands using artificial intelligence, is less than half the price of Google's first generation speaker and makes this "more accessible to more people", said Google hardware designer Isabelle Olsson. You can also press the button and ask it a question as you would on your smartphone, and the relevant info will be relayed to you via the earbuds. Now the search giant is making it easier for Pixel users in the USA to buy Pixel 2 by offering an exchange deal. However, it does come with a charging case that can hold up to 24 hours worth of battery. The Pixel buds will sell for nearly $160 and ship next month.

If you've ever wanted to understand someone speaking another language besides English, Google has some good news for you.

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