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Index Futures Quiet - Musk Talks Mars, KB Home Up On Earnings

Index Futures Quiet - Musk Talks Mars, KB Home Up On Earnings

This doesn't mean that SpaceX will be focused exclusively on Mars after the BFR - a huge, reusable rocket-spaceship combo - is up and running.

That's right, folks, Elon Musk is at it again and this time around he wants to create a rocket that will be able to take someone anywhere they want in just one hour. The ship would reach a speed of about 18,000 miles per hour at its peak, Musk said, which is more than an order of magnitude faster than the Concorde. On Thursday Elon Musk spoke in front of the media and a crowd of space travel enthusiasts. SpaceX has previously said it will send two tourists on an orbit around the moon next year as well. You want to go to Thailand from America? At almost 350 feet - that's taller than the Statue of Liberty - it would carry about a hundred people.

National Geographic noted that Musk intended to manufacture several Falcon 9 and Dragon capsules for which he could then sell rides to space for cargo missions.

The newly announced BFR system is a bit scaled-back compared with the ITS concept that Musk unveiled last year; the rocket will feature 31 Raptor engines rather than 42, for example. Downsizing in an effort to cut costs. But we don't know other basics like how much of the air travel market Musk sees this occupying, how it would be regulated, or even when SpaceX might attempt such a feat.

And then there's the landing. To its credit, SpaceX has gotten really good at landing its Falcon 9 rockets both on land and at sea, and Musk even began his speech by touting how 16 of them have landed successfully in a row. Storing excess energy generated by the Hornsdale Wind Farm, the Powerpack 2 will enable the utility to "firm up renewable generation by reconciling the intermittency of power from these sources and storing excess capacity to dispatch when it's needed", according to Tesla.

Trump had said he was "not happy" with Price for hiring private charters on the taxpayer's dime for official travel, when cheaper commercial flights would have worked.

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