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5 reasons we stand for the flag

5 reasons we stand for the flag

"And this story - by the president and others, many well before the president ever chimed in - has been hijacked to making it about the anthem when in reality the anthem was always just the vehicle".

This was during the Obama administration.

The Sport Market on TSN 1040 rates and debates the bulls and bears of sport business. Racial inequality has been solved. The homeless reappear. And the inherent vicious anti-black - there is no other kind to a lefty - racism of the system instantly becomes the focus of the elite media. Rather, it started with former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting during the anthem in a preseason NFL game in 2016-as a form of protest against the injustices faced by racial minorities. Oh wait, no... he didn't. Equally bullish are those who explained why they won't be kneeling for the national anthems (including black Canadian athletes like Joel Ward and P.K. Subban in the NHL).

Opposition to the knees and chains is only intensifying.

Everyone gets super patriotic at sporting events for some reason.

Jones said earlier this week he felt the message of unity, the message of equality, was getting pushed aside by the controversy...and by the action of some, even created the controversy. When either touches conflict, it's like dumping extra fuel into a jet engine. The executive director of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, issued the following response to the comments and asked for the league to issue an official response as well.

Then they locked arms and stood while Jordin Sparks sang the national anthem. "With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles", George Washington, our first president, declared in his farewell address in 1796. This would mean that any giant flag carried flat across a football field would be in violation.

In a strange way, those protesting during the anthem almost garner more respect than those who blithely ignore the history, heritage, and protocols of the occasion.

This is one of the three definitions for the color blue that Congress gave us in 1782.

He was one of 32 Broncos who took a knee on Sunday in Buffalo.

As a retired enlisted soldier, I can fully understand why Villanueva did what he did. Looking back at ancient times and medieval times, people knelt before those in authority to show them respect. The enlisted ranks were 53 percent white, 24 percent black and 16 percent Hispanic.

This incident gives us a glimpse into the sheer ignorance of the American public. Why did he start to kneel?

So where is Kaepernick in standing against the black on black violence in Chicago that is killing hundreds every year? Seek to learn the opposing side's point.

"There's a lot of [poor] quarterback play around the league", Marshall said. It makes me think about that famous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote about light driving out darkness and love driving out hate.

I feel completely the opposite: I served so that we all may be free to criticize and complain and protest when this nation and its leaders fail to live up to our ideals. It has to do with disrespecting our troops somehow. "But I just don't see the point in it". "But what we will do is be together as a team".

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