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Elon Musk Unveils Ambitious New Details For Mars Colonization

Elon Musk Unveils Ambitious New Details For Mars Colonization

In more good news, Musk assured that the cost of travel would be the same as an Economy Class ticket on a commercial airplane.

"If we're building this [ship] to go to the Moon and Mars", Musk challenged the audience at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, "then why not go to other places on earth as well?"

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has revealed plans to use rockets as a form of transport on earth, and he claims they will allow people to travel from "any city to any other city in under one hour". Just two years later in 2024, two ships will carry humans to the surface for the first time, who will build a propellant production plant and begin preparing the base for expansion.

The BFR will stand 100 metres tall with 31 engines to lift a payload of more than 4000 tonnes into space. The rocket would reportedly reach a speed of about 27,000 kilometres per hour at its peak.

Do you agree with Musk's versions of how travel will look like in the future?

Fuel would need to be produced on Mars to send the BFR back to Earth. Passengers could head to Dubai from London in just 29 minutes or make it from Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes.

SYDNEY- Space X is looking to change the travel industry completely.

The video shows passengers entering a boat, which then takes them to a nearby SpaceX rocket. He said a priority was to get the cost of moving to the red planet reduced by five million percent, to the average cost of a house in the United States.

Nine years after SpaceX's first successful launch - its fourth ever - Musk said his engineers are now perfecting propulsive landing. They then board the SpaceX reusable BFR (that's Big Fucking Rocket), which exits the atmosphere, before re-entering and touching down on another launchpad.

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