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Deal: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (dual-SIM), $864.99 on eBay

Deal: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (dual-SIM), $864.99 on eBay

It is possible that Samsung's inward folding phone will be named the Galaxy X. The Galaxy X has reportedly already got Bluetooth certification and radio certification, two important prerequisites before phones go on sale. A device with a 3R curvature was supposedly in development by the Seoul-based original equipment manufacturer approximately half a decade ago, with the project ultimately being scrapped in favor of a product that folds outward, insiders said, without providing a specific reason for Samsung's supposed decision. The iPhone is slower when it comes to tiny apps, but wins big when it comes to games and other apps that require more processing power.

The S-pen which is also revamped, it now has a finer tip, improved pressure sensitivity to enable faster multitasking to enhance creativity.

With the A-series almost blurring the line between midrange and flagship, Samsung is always playing catch up when it comes to the smartphones from this lineup.

The latest mobile operating system version is Android 8.0 Oreo, which is currently running on some Google Pixel and Nexus devices. Samsung also took the camera inclusion further with Dual capture feature.

Get this, it had just put out bezel less cell phones in the market and had a higher screen-to-body proportion. The images seem to indicate that A5 and A7 have the Bixby button placed on their left side.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly Samsung's hottest device right now.

"As the head of business, I can say our current goal is next year", Samsung mobile division chief Koh Dong-jin said earlier this month.

One of the most important takeaways from the iFixit iPhone 8 teardown is that the iPhone 8 glass back is very difficult to replace, which is probably why it will cost so much for owners who break it. An inward-folding mechanism might change that.

If the Note 9 does end up becoming a foldable smartphone, Samsung would be making a huge leap with a radical new design. Reports have surfaced that Samsung's Galaxy A series will be launched early next year.

At 6.3-inch, the Galaxy Note 8 has the biggest screen ever on any Note device with more real estate for m8ultimedia consumption and multitasking.

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