Publicado: Sol, Setiembre 17, 2017
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Clinton's Book Tour Is Showing Why America Elected Trump — Sanders

Clinton's Book Tour Is Showing Why America Elected Trump — Sanders

Clinton's publicity tour, coinciding with the book's release, has included appearances on TV and news shows, and at bookstore signing events.

But one person who won't be waiting in line for the already best-selling novel is none other than her former presidential rival, Donald Trump.

As for Putin, Clinton writes that he had a "personal vendetta against me and deep resentment toward the United States". What part is Comey?

Clinton said: 'He, I think, forever changed history'.

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Have U purchased your copy of What Happened??

This take on a former presidential nominee is unusual, if not completely unprecedented. I was just dumbfounded.

Created by French artist Malika Favre, the illustration is titled 'The First'. "I'd certainly given anything of any relevance to them". Become a subscriber and support the site! He could've called me up. No one asked John Kerry or John McCain or Mike Huckabee or anyone else to vanish from the earth, lest their opinions destroy society itself. Plus there are plenty of online outlets that carry the Democrats water as well as activists on Twitter and Facebook.

Yet, when she sat down with CNN's Andersoon Cooper, she offered a suggestion for future elections: Get rid of the electoral college. Everyone from longtime Department of Justice employees to President Donald Trump has said the same.

Clinton had appeared on "Today" to promote her new book on the 2016 election, "What Happened".

While doing press for her book, she pitched at partial blame for her loss to the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host on a variety of factors.

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