Publicado: Mier, Setiembre 13, 2017
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Galaxy Note 9 could be world's first foldable smartphone — Samsung

Galaxy Note 9 could be world's first foldable smartphone — Samsung

Marcel Brown, independent technology consultant, pointed out that the current iPhone 7 is already more powerful than the newest Samsung Galaxy.

Apple has officially unveiled its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and the conversation on whether the new gadgets are better than Android-and vice versa-is heating up. Here are the first impressions of the Galaxy Note8. In our review, the features worked fine.

S8 Plus features a 6.2-inch QHD (2960x1440) super AMOLED infinity display; this was the Samsung's first device to feature Infinity display which is nearly bezel-less, full-frontal glass, and an edge-to-edge screen.

The move to make the newest iPhone a do-everything device is typical of maturing markets, analysts said. These technologies were expected to be incorporated into Apple's new phone. Do you think that the Galaxy Note 8 will redeem the company? The Note8 sports squarish corners and is designed to be thick in the middle to accommodate Samsung's signature stylus - the S Pen. The smartphone from last year can apparently operate on Android Oreo today and a demonstration on how to update the device has gone viral on the internet. The display is brighter than that of the Galaxy S8 and looks absolutely gorgeous.

KitGuru Says: While this is a lovely looking handset, the sheer expense is staggering in comparison to what the company used to let them go for. Both these lenses sport Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for blur-free photos and stable videos.

This ain't the first we've heard about Samsung's foldable smartphone plans, and the firm has long been showcasing bendable display prototypes, such as the 'Youm' back in 2013.

A mention of the Note8's camera isn't complete without the mention of Live Focus.

The Koh Dong-jin did not detailed what the issues are. At the same time, the shots are sharp and vivid.

Galaxy Note 8 is fitted with a 12MP dual-camera system at the rear, along side a flash and fingerprint sensor. But when it comes to the software, the Note series' signature stylus - S Pen - takes the limelight.

Samsung has given more power to the S-Pen which has a latency of less than 50 milliseconds. It has 64GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 256GB through a hybrid dual-SIM configuration where second SIM slot doubles as MicroSD card holder. The CES always has some company showing off foldable display but there hasn't been any practical use case of the technology. The Note model brand's reputation took a hit from its previous model.

"It would certainly be more efficient for me to use a phone", she said. However, it's too early to speculate on it. However, with the introduction of Bixby and Amazon's Alexa being launched in India by the year-end, the competition will intensify.

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