Publicado: Sáb, Agosto 12, 2017
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Patriots become first NFL team to buy planes — ESPN

Patriots become first NFL team to buy planes — ESPN

There are some very serious commonalities between these two great football players.

The planes have been fitted with all first-class seats, befitting the big men that will be flying in them.

The Patriots' Boeing 767s feature the team logo in blue and white on the majority of the body and have five Lombardi Trophy images on the tail.

He has always been known as "Big Vince" in the Patriots community and is loved in Massachusetts.

"New airkrafts", the franchise tweeted.

The New England Patriots have set many aerial milestones with Tom Brady running their passing game.

Rob Ninkovich was an impotant part of 2 of the Patriots Super Bowl defenses. I believed I was the baddest person that's on the field at all times, and that's how I handled my business.

"Coach, I gave you everything I had", Ninkovich told Belichick. "And if he says something, he means it".

San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Donavin Newsom suffered a concussion during practice but the team said he didn't suffer any cervical spinal fractures.

It might be a year or so I'm going to take off and kind of do things I want to do. To be clear, that's just the regular season. Wilfork said in reflection.

The New England Patriots are loaded with talent, and apparently money. In an unrelated incident, the NFL suspended him without pay for the first four games of the 2017 season for violating a policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Coming into this season, New England flew charters. He spent the final two years of his career in Houston.

Wilfork finished his career with 370 career tackles, 16 career sacks, three interceptions and five forced fumbles according to Pro Football Reference. Perhaps with the extra time he can find a leather worker who can fit a jacket to his frame.

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